Migration Magic Features

Here is a list of great features included in Migration Magic:

User Management

Ability to add/edit/delete user accounts - no need to worry about that ex-employee or stranger accessing your migration system!

See Modifications

See all modified files between your test and live environment, with the ability to select and transfer files that have been modified.

Diff Viewer

Not sure what change has happened? Use the diff viewer to instantly see what's changed in your code and then make a decision whether to make it live or not!

Backup & Migrate

Our software gives you the option to backup files before they are overwritten by the migration process - if a mistake occurs you can easily restore the old files!

Search Your Project

Need to find a code snippet in your project? Easily search through your projects files with our project file search!

Unlimited Profiles

Want to manage a live and test environment for multiple project? No problem, you can easily add/edit/remove projects and manage them individually.

Simple Migration

Select the files you wish to migrate between test and live, click a button and migration will occur without any hassle.

Operating Systems

windows operating system supported Windows Support

linux operating system supported Linux Support


£40 £36

  • Personal use
  • Unlimited projects
  • Use On 1 Server
  • Free Minor Version Updates*
  • Support Ticketing
  • Free Setup/Installation


£150 £135

  • Business use
  • Unlimited projects
  • Use On 4 Servers
  • Free Minor Version Updates*
  • + Email & Phone Support
  • Free Setup/Installation

* FREE Minor Updates refers to minor version number updates only (ie. 2.xx), these updates will be bug fixes and small feature enhancements, major version updates (ie. x.00) will require an upgrade fee of £10 and will include major feature enhancements.

Migration Magic is a tool specifically developed to help you maintain a test and release environment on your server, without the need for specialist software.
The system is ideal for companies and projects of all sizes, eradicates the need for complex and/or expensive alternatives such as SVN and enables you to develop under a test environment with seamless migration on to a live environment.

If you have any queries or things you would like to discuss prior to purchasing Migration Magic then please feel free to contact us.