Thanks for purchasing Migration Magic! Please do not hesitate to contact us via our forums or support tickets if you are having trouble setting up your copy of Migration Magic. We will be happy to help you! WebDesires

First though please read through the instructions below which should help you get Migration Magic up and running with no hassle.


Unzip the full package onto your computer/server, we have pre-packed the whole system into a folder called "migration" - we recommend you use this as your sub folder on your server, but please feel free to change it if you need to, just take special attention to the config file instructions further down.


If the files were unzipped to your desktop, please now copy them onto your server, the files should all go into a sub-folder as mentioned above the default folder is "migration".


The config file will need renaming from "config_original.php" to "config.php" already has a default set of values for your convenience, however feel free to edit the settings in this file if you feel comfortable as some settings allow you to modify how Migration Magic works.

There are only 2 critical settings you SHOULD look at:
1) URL - This defines the default URL for Migration Magic - make sure you change the sub-folder to the folder you have placed Migration Magic into, you can even put Migration Magic onto a sub domain.
2) DB_FILE - This defines where the SQLite3 database file is and we highly recommend you rename this file to avoid easy access to the data from hackers, the file is located in the /db/ folder - later we will make sure htaccess is stopping you accessing this file for security.


In the /db/ folder you should have a .htaccess file, this file sets advanced rules in Apache, for our needs we use this to stop access to your database file, because if someone could download it they could access the data and possibly access your system. Please make sure the file exists and the below code is in the file (if it doesn't please create it).


Some zip software and/or systems will ignore .htaccess files when you unpack the files, this is because in UNIX/MACOS systems a file beginning with a dot is classed as "hidden" - if you cannot see a .htaccess file in the root of your Migration Magic installation then please create one with the following code in the file:


Username: admin
Password: admin

Your installation is now complete and you can load up Migration Magic from your browser, upon loading it will ask for a username and password, the default login is displayed above. I'm sure we don't need to tell you that you but please follow the following steps:

  1. Login with the above username and password.
  2. Navigate to "manage users".
  3. Create a new account with a good strong password.
  4. logout and login with the new details.
  5. go back to "manage users".
  6. DELETE the admin/admin account!

It's very important for security as there are bots around that will discover your installation and try and login with our default credentials.


Q. I have forgotten my login details!

A. Please delete your database file mm.db and duplicate the file mm_orig.db renaming it back to mm.db - this is the default database that came with Migration Magic. If this file is missing please login to your account on Migration Magic website and re-download our package, take the mm.db file out of the zip and place on your server.

Q. I get errors all over Migration Magic.

A. This is because your server is not configured as Migration Magic requires, please make sure you have all the required Apache plug-ins, if you are still having trouble contact us!

Q. I click to transfer files but they don't change.

A. This is usually caused by a permissions problem, if you have files owned by ROOT or a user account other than the one for the account then Migration Magic will not have permission to do the file transfer progress. Also if PHP exec() functions are disabled you may have the problem - please contact us!

Q. Migration Magic says there is an update!

A. download the new package from your account on Migration Magic, delete the mm.db file from the package located in /db/ and then copy ALL remaining files onto your server replacing the old files. Then open up config_original.php and make sure any new settings are copied over to your existing config.php file.

Q. Migration Magic needs a feature to help our company!

A. Please create a support ticket, we like to take feature requests which we will organise by priority and usefulness, however if you REALLY NEED a feature we would be happy to implement it immediately for a small fee.

Migration Magic is a system built by WebDesires. To access our support ticketing please visit WebDesires and login with your portal account details.