Manage Your Development Environment

Migration Magic has been built in PHP and allows you to manage both a development / staging and live environment - giving you all the tools to identify and migrate any changes from one version to the other without all the heartache.

It's extremely easy to set-up on your server and use, take a look at our Installation Guide, or we can do it for you!


Migrate any number of files from your development location to your live server location and vice versa.

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Essential backup tool for the files being overwritten, just for those rare occasions you may make a catastrophic error and the only way to move forward is to go backwards.

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Compare between the two files from your development path and the live version. Highlighting clearly what is still the same, what is removed and also what is added to that file.

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Search through your projects files with ease, using the search feature you can find a code snippet within a file in your project.

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The Migration Magic System Includes:

  • Secure File Migration
  • File Comparison
  • Backups
  • Ignore Lists
  • Linux & Windows Support
  • Professional Support

Under new development and evolving all the while, Migration Magic needs you. If you can recommend any new features then please message us here

Easy Migration

Migration Magic is a great solution for your development environment, enabling easy and safe transfer from test to live. 10% OFF! limited time only.

Project Migration

Migration Magic offers developers the opportunity to be in full control of there development environment. Using our unique file migration system developers can simply migrate any files they wish from a test environment to a live environment and vice versa.

File backups are easy to control too. Migration Magic makes this process as simple as it can be. On migration you can create a backup of the environment you're migrating too. There is also the added ability to create a backup any time you need to without completing a file migration. Migration Magic now also has the functionality to manage backups. Developers or users can download compressed backups from the server which are sorted by date. When the time comes you need to delete some backups then you can delete them within the user friendly panel.

Ever needed to search the content of every file within a folder but don't want to open each file. Well now with our added file search functionality and a friendly user interface this has never been easier. Simply choose your folder and enter your search term. You should the instantly be provided with all files and line numbers within those files that these search terms are found.

Try all of these features and more on our demo page and don't forget to leave feedback via the contact page. We're always happy to help and looking for improvements.